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Farm effluent systems
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The superior septic tank

EleTech concrete septic tanks are superior to the traditional septic tank design. They are stronger and more durable but lighter, thanks to a unique design structure. They’re capable of enduring 250 Kg loads over a 0.05 m2 area, even on and around access corners.

Providing green solutions to waste water

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Airogreen waste water solution

The airogreen aerated wastewater treatment system can put your mind at ease about your waste. It treats wastewater and turns effluent into clean water to help prevent groundwater pollution. Do your part for our planet with an airogreen system.
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Septech, operating and maintenance guidelines

Protect you sewer system by ensuring that you properly maintain and care for it. This includes minimising water usage whenever possible and avoiding the use of strong disinfectants and cleaners that kill the organisms that break down waste in your system. Any nonbiodegradable material in your tank will increase the need for pumping.

Sewage solutions for you

Help protect the environment and allow your household to operate with greater efficiency with our septic and waste water solutions. Give us a call today to get more information on how you can benefit from our waste water and septic systems.
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