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Superior Strength Water Tanks

40% more reinforced steel

ELEtank Concrete Water tanks feature 36% greater wall thickness than the New Zealand Standard for Water Tank manufacturing and have 40% more reinforcing steel in their structures. In short Eletanks are stronger and more durable. Vital in Earthquake prone New Zealand Eletanks – an environmentally healthier and safer option.

ELEtank Features

  • Large 25,000 Litre capacity (over 5000 gallons).
  • Smaller tanks sizes available.
  • Six roof soft spots for convinient pipe entry.
  • Centre hole for water level indicator.
  • 36% thicker concrete walls than the NZ standard.
  • 40% more steel reinforcing than the NZ standard per unit.
  • Certified lifting points
  • Two 32 mm and one 50mm outlet standard around the base.
  • Two overflow soft spots.
  • Batched test concrete.
  • Choice of standard or Customized colours ( Colours may incur extra charge)

Site Preparation

Preparation and setting your tank It’s best to locate tanks away from the immediate vicinity of buildings and existing structures to allow for future expansion. Once a site has been chosen, preparation is essential. The foundation must be able to withstand immense loads. Ensuring proper preparation for your tank is the best way to protect your investment. Extra features for your tank

Accessories and option extra components for Eletank

  • Variations on fitting from 25mm to 50mm
  • A large range of Water pumps
  • Water level indicators
  • Filters
  • Lockable Lids
  • First Flush diverters
  • Leaf eaters
  • Gate and Ball valves
  • PVC pipes and fittings

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